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Non-Crafting Day

I haven't really been able to craft today. Which is out of the norm for me. But I got a lot done. I got the laundry done (4 loads!) and sorted through a bigger size of clothes for my son so that they are in the closet when he outgrows the current size. While doing this I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 2 of Doctor Who. Without spoiling it, all I have to say is "Are you freakin' serious?!" Highlight to see the spoiler. "Why did Rose have to get left behind?! Is the series going to continue with them separately or are they going to be reunited in the first episode of Season 3? Or will they ever be reunited?!"

 I also gathered together all the clothes he has outgrown that I want to pass on to family and friends and saved the few things he has outgrown that are just too cute to give up. I was able to get to Target and return a package of diapers that was too small, as well as a few other things, to get a new laundry basket. It's even green.

Stash Find

I have never admitted this before, but I will now. I am a hoarder. I went into my stuff way up the crawlspace above the garage and found so many things I had forgotten about. Namely: my buttons. This is what I was actually searching for, but I had forgotten just how many I have.

My entire button stash, organized by color. Because in addition to being a hoarder I am also OCD.

Sunshine yellow

Sea blue

These are actually red, but for some reason my camera makes them look pink.

Green, my absolute favorite color. I intend to use two of these as eyes for an elephant stuffed animal I am working on for my son. (And I will post that project once it is finished)

Classic white.

As it turns out, our crawlspace is very hazardous. The "floor" of it is not safe to walk on, as it is only a single layer of drywall. I had to walk on the joists and hope I didn't fall. There are also nails sticking out from both the floor and ceiling, and splinters everywhere. Luckily there were no rats or mice. And thankfully I made it out alive!


Fabric Alphabet Magnets

The pictures for this project are kinda really crappy, sorry. I hope you can get an idea of how they look though.

I had made a few on the machine, but because they are so small it was practically impossible to machine sew all those tight curves and corners. So I put the fabric/batting sandwich into a quilting hoop and hand-sewed them. Now I just have to add the magnets (You may be able to see the holes I left for that) and sew them closed.

By the way, the pink fabric here is upcycled from a woman's button-down shirt and the batting in the middle is scraps from one of my mom's quilts.

Vintage Fabric and Embroidery

I found this vintage print canvas fabric in the remnants bin at JoAnn's. I do so love JoAnn's. I've done some embroidery on it, following the print. I may do more, I may not. This fabric has such lovely panels. I'm going to take some of the rest and make it into a 3 panel piece of wall art, just by framing the fabric with the raw edges showing. It will make a nice bathroom or hallway piece.


Corset Project

So, eons ago (or so it seems) in the first few days of December I decided to make a corset. The plan was to have it ready for the first day of Winter Quarter classes...on January 3rd.

This is the fabric I chose. It is a Queen size sheet found at a local thrift shop. I absolutely love the striping and knew from the moment I saw it that it was going to be a corset.

The pattern pieces cut out. (I have since decided that I do need a lining after all)

Top edges stitched to prevent stretching, and front assembled.

The back top-stitched and assembled.

Now I just need to finish it, somewhere between the diaper changes and homework...

Plunging into the world of Blogging

I've been telling myself for a month that I should start a blog. I keep thinking, "Hey, wouldn't it be nice to have people I know nothing about be able to learn everything about me. Maybe I'll even have a stalker!" So I finally got off my butt (not really, I'm sitting down at my computer. But you can't see that, so I'll pretend I'm standing just to make the idiom work) and started this.
My goal in blogging is to connect with like-minded people, share crafting ideas, and hopefully make a few Etsy sales. My goal in the real world is to finish my Business Administration degree and open up my own little shop.