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The Business Is Slightly More Official

Crafting a Better Future is launching its business! You can find us on Facebook here, or email us at

While you're at it, check out Blue Heart Art. They are a wonderful local business who showcases artists, like myself, in their beautiful downtown shop.

As soon as I get it completed, I'll post the logo here for you all to see. I can post my sketch of it however. The finished version will be more stream-lined and professional-looking.


I'm Back!

We got a new machine, and I'm back in the game!

Since Friday I've been working on a pinwheel quilt for myself, and one for my son. I have nearly finished the top for a quilt for a friend's baby, and I've made the tops for a few mug rugs. I've certainly been busy!

This was originally going to be a mug rug, but I fell in love with the fabrics, the pattern, and the quilting. So instead of doing a bunch of mug rugs, this is now the first piece in my quilt-as-you-go quilt for myself. My son's is green and blue pinwheels.

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have for you right now, as my camera's batteries are nearly dead. I promise there will be more photos soon!