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Clothing Refashion & Somewhat Tutorial

This is a project I have been working on for a little while now. I got most of it done on a Saturday, and when the day was over it was put away in my "works in progress" bin. I brought it out again today & discovered a dastardly mistake, which I will reveal later.

Here is the before picture of the size 24 stretch slacks that I started with. I helped a friend out with her wedding, and as a payment her mom gave me her old fat clothes, knowing that I love to repurpose clothing. The bigger your starting pieces the better, I say.

See the fancy zipper, double button closure? I actually didn't use it lol but I think it will make a nice embellishment to some future project.

Here you can see that I cut off the entire leg of the pants with my trusty rotary cutter & ruler.

And the other leg, matched back up.

I took the pant legs and opened up one side seam on each, getting two large panels to work with.

Making sure to keep the already hemmed edges together, I sewed the two panels together to make one large piece.

This part was odd. The hems were done in such a way that I couldn't machine stitch them up like the rest, so I plan on hand stitching this part with whipstitch.

After fitting it around my body I determined that four panels was too much. So I removed one panel (one half of a pant leg) to get these three left.

I don't have a picture of this next part, sorry! But next I fitted it around my body again and decided that the bust was good, but it was a bit tight everywhere else (I'm still working off my pudge and I have somewhat wide hips) So from the part that I removed earlier I cut out a triangle and attached it in the back.

After finishing everything but the bottom hemming I took a look at my work and found this mistake! These pieces are supposed to be even, and this is at the top of the dress. Woops! Short of tearing apart the 3 seams involved & redoing it, what do you readers suggest I do to fix it?

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