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Welcome a New Addition

Please welcome a new addition to our little family.

I finished this little guy yesterday, and my son absolutely loves him.

From tip to tail the elephant is about as long as my son's head and body. He likes to have it sitting on his chest and belly so he can munch on the trunk. Mmmm elephant burger.

The two green ones were made from the same basic pattern and were both completely handsewn. I decided I wanted to make one that I could give him now, while he still puts everything in his mouth, so I did the grey one almost entirely on the machine. The elephant is stuffed more than the others, so he is firm while the others are floppy. They are all made out of fleece blankets that I got from the thrift store, with cotton for the insides of the ears and buttons for the eyes. I like them all though, and I think my son will too.

(ultimate brownie points if you can name the tv show playing in the background of the elephant pics)

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