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More Alphabet Magnet Goodness

I got more letters finished, and they all have magnets on them. As it turns out the magnet tape I got is nowhere near strong enough to hold them up from the inside, so the magnets are stuck to the outside. If I do any to sell I will need to get stronger magnets.

These are all the letters (and numbers) that I have finished so far. The blue letters (except for two 'e's, and the 'd') were done on the machine. (and are also upcycled from a woman's button-down shirt) There aren't very many of them because I discovered it was much more work than it was worth to try to manuever the tiny pieces of fabric on the machine. So now I use a quilting hoop and quilt many letters at a time, then just cut them out.

Alphabet magnets are so much fun. I need to hurry up and finish the whole alphabet.

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