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Mutants, Dentists, and Pilates/Yoga

I finished up a baby mutant sock monkey last night.

(it's supposed to be an ear on top, but since he's a mutant it could really be anything)

Shown with the keyboard for size reference.

I made a blue one for my son out of a pair of his old socks and he loves to hold it by the tail. And then he stuffs it into his mouth, which is how I know he likes the toys I make for him.

The mutant monkey has not, however, been in my son's grubby grasp. I will put him up for sale on Etsy for only $5 (plus $2 for shipping) if there is a request.

And I spent 3 hours at the dentist's office today, only to find out I need a root canal. So back I go on Thursday.

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