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Super Secret Facebook Release

We're releasing a new product, and you can learn all about it, or rather be mystified by it, over on Facebook!

We've also opened an Etsy store! You can find that here


Contest Winner

We have a winner for our facebook contest!

Also, I apologize for being absent so long. I have been doing this: which is a lot of fun and unfortunately almost over for this year. You should all go check it out anyway though! And I promise that next year I'll let you know before it starts.


New Contest

Running a contest now on Facebook! The 20th person to "like" Love Green will get a free 3 oz lotion (made with Rosemary or Eucalyptus essential oil) or 4 oz body scrub (made with all natural, edible ingredients!). The person who referred them will get a free 8 oz body scrub, or two free 4 oz body scrubs! This free item includes U.S. shipping, but not international as it costs a fortune to ship things outside the U.S. 

Good luck!


So Sorry!

I apologize for such a long delay! I recently moved and became very busy with school and managing the new place. Moms have so many chores! Oy.

I have not had any time to craft, but I have been gathering up fabric, buttons (oooh the buttons! You will see :) ), and other items essential to crafting. I have big plans to make a steampunk outfit for my birthday coming up soon (probably too soon to get the outfit done!), and other little things.

Keep checking back, and I'd love to see some comments!


Product Orders

Now that I am up & running with the business, feel free to order anything you have seen me post before, or something similar. When I make an order I'll be sure to take pictures and post them so that you all will know what I can do. For now, let me know what you want and I'll give you a price estimate.
Shipping inside the U.S. starts at $3. Sadly I cannot do international shipping at this time (the lowest shipping rate is $35.50. For that you can easily hire someone much closer to you to make the same item).

I'm looking forward to two weeks off of classes! I get to sit at home, work on jewelry, and watch Dr. Who all day.

~To place an order simply post a comment with the item you want and an e-mail address. I'll log your order and send a confirmation e-mail~


The Business Is Slightly More Official

Crafting a Better Future is launching its business! You can find us on Facebook here, or email us at

While you're at it, check out Blue Heart Art. They are a wonderful local business who showcases artists, like myself, in their beautiful downtown shop.

As soon as I get it completed, I'll post the logo here for you all to see. I can post my sketch of it however. The finished version will be more stream-lined and professional-looking.


I'm Back!

We got a new machine, and I'm back in the game!

Since Friday I've been working on a pinwheel quilt for myself, and one for my son. I have nearly finished the top for a quilt for a friend's baby, and I've made the tops for a few mug rugs. I've certainly been busy!

This was originally going to be a mug rug, but I fell in love with the fabrics, the pattern, and the quilting. So instead of doing a bunch of mug rugs, this is now the first piece in my quilt-as-you-go quilt for myself. My son's is green and blue pinwheels.

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have for you right now, as my camera's batteries are nearly dead. I promise there will be more photos soon!