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Stash Find

I have never admitted this before, but I will now. I am a hoarder. I went into my stuff way up the crawlspace above the garage and found so many things I had forgotten about. Namely: my buttons. This is what I was actually searching for, but I had forgotten just how many I have.

My entire button stash, organized by color. Because in addition to being a hoarder I am also OCD.

Sunshine yellow

Sea blue

These are actually red, but for some reason my camera makes them look pink.

Green, my absolute favorite color. I intend to use two of these as eyes for an elephant stuffed animal I am working on for my son. (And I will post that project once it is finished)

Classic white.

As it turns out, our crawlspace is very hazardous. The "floor" of it is not safe to walk on, as it is only a single layer of drywall. I had to walk on the joists and hope I didn't fall. There are also nails sticking out from both the floor and ceiling, and splinters everywhere. Luckily there were no rats or mice. And thankfully I made it out alive!

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