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Non-Crafting Day

I haven't really been able to craft today. Which is out of the norm for me. But I got a lot done. I got the laundry done (4 loads!) and sorted through a bigger size of clothes for my son so that they are in the closet when he outgrows the current size. While doing this I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 2 of Doctor Who. Without spoiling it, all I have to say is "Are you freakin' serious?!" Highlight to see the spoiler. "Why did Rose have to get left behind?! Is the series going to continue with them separately or are they going to be reunited in the first episode of Season 3? Or will they ever be reunited?!"

 I also gathered together all the clothes he has outgrown that I want to pass on to family and friends and saved the few things he has outgrown that are just too cute to give up. I was able to get to Target and return a package of diapers that was too small, as well as a few other things, to get a new laundry basket. It's even green.

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