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Rice Cereal

We tried rice cereal for the first time today. It was super close to bedtime, so he was pretty sleepy and not very interested. I was probably more excited than he was. After a few spoons of it we waited about 5 minutes and tried again. This time he got very excited, banging his fist on the highchair tray and opening his eyes wide. But I couldn't get him to open his mouth! He would grab my hand with the spoon and bring it to his mouth, but then he kept his lips closed tight. Finally I caught him in a grin and dashed in with the spoon. He sucked on it for a few seconds and gave me another huge smile. After a few spoonfuls he got drowsy again, so I put him to bed with a bit of rice cereal in his bedtime bottle. I put another scoop in before putting it in the fridge to finish in the morning.
Here's to hoping it helps him sleep better. He gets 6 hours at once now, but I'm shooting for 8+

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